Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation Strategies

What Are Lead Generation Strategies?

Lead generation strategies can vary from industry to industry in B2B marketing. The important thing here is to adopt a strategy to match your sector trends. At the same time, the strategies might differ for generic products and niche products. In addition to that, product or service offerings will lead to using a different lead generation strategy. 

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media gives you an extensive network that is never seen before. Your post can reach millions of users just in a few hours. And these users can become your leads. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn should be an indispensable part of your lead strategy. You need to focus on guiding individuals from different channels to a single channel. At the same time, collecting the data of individuals from different channels in a single section will benefit your marketing and sales team. Here, you can contribute to your lead process with solutions such as CRM integration.

The Lead Generation Strategies In Social Media

Use the Right Form Design

Form design is vital for lead generation strategies. The forms should be short and clear. In this fast age, no one wants to spend minutes to fill a form. A simple form with name, company name, position, email and phone number will be more than enough for lead generation. If you want, you can customize the form to match your targets. But try to keep everything as simple as possible while doing that.

Review Your Ad and Blog Copy

The first stage of generating a lead starts online. Therefore, your ad and blog copy must have a strong and informative narrative. You can review these copies based on the questions and feedback from your visitors and leads. At the same time, you can see the areas for improvement with metrics such as conversion rate. If you manage to capture the online browsers, it is easier to convert these individuals into leads.
The Lead Generation Strategies Getting More Leads In B2B Marketing

Benefit from Technology for Lead Generation

If you receive hundreds of similar questions from your leads, it might be time to automate the process. Chatbots are commonly preferred in recent lead generation processes. Power by AI, the technology enables you to automatically answer the frequently asked questions from your leads. You need to create different scenarios and plan these scenarios for questions and answers when you use chatbots. Automating the first stage of lead generation will enable you to allocate more resources to leads who started their conversion process.

Offer Discounts or Coupons

There is almost no one who can resist discounts or coupons. Therefore, you can organize special discount campaigns for your leads. For example, “join our email list and get a 20% discount for your first purchase” might help you to convert visitors into leads. When these individuals sign up for your email list, they show they are interested in your products or services. Then, you can send emails to these individuals and lead them to the purchase funnel.
Lead Generation Strategien In B2B E-Commerce

Give Free Trial

If you offer software or SaaS, many individuals will want to see your service scope and what you can do before making a longer commitment. So, a free trial or demo will be beneficial to attract leads. Your free demo can show your service offering or which features will be activated in the full version. You can update your free demo design based on the feedback.

Focus on Keywords That Bring Conversion

In most cases, generic keywords will not help you to be noticed. Therefore, focus on the keywords that can convert your visitors into leads. For this purpose, the sales and marketing teams need to work together. Information from the sales team will give the marketing team the areas they need to focus on. For example, you can focus on keywords about the product features or how to use a certain product.
Keywords In B2B Marketing Und Lead Generation

Other Lead Generation Factors

Corporate Category:Allows you to target companies by custom segments such as S&P 500.

Company Connections: Allows you to reach the 1st degree connections of employees of the companies you select. This is only available for companies with more than 500 employees.

Company Followers: Allows you to target your own LinkedIn Page’s followers. To use this audience facet, your ad account must be linked to your LinkedIn Page. By default, if you don’t use this facet, your campaigns can reach both followers and non-followers.

Company Growth Rate:Allows you to target companies based on their annual growth rate, which is determined using factors such as employee growth or derived data from other similar companies in the same location and industry.

Company Industry: The primary industry of the company in which the member is employed, as reported by the company. Other industries can be derived from the company and included for the target group selection.

Company name: The organization that a member reports as their employer. These are based on LinkedIn pages maintained by company employees.

Company Revenue:Allows you to select companies based on their estimated annual revenue.

Organization Size: Allows you to target members based on the size of the organization they work for. Company size is determined by the number of employees listed on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Generate Leads Button Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation strategies can vary from industry to industry in B2B marketing. The important thing is to choose a strategy that matches the trends in your sector. At the same time, strategies for generic products and niche products may differ. In addition, product or service offerings lead to the application of a different lead generation strategy .

  • Category Company
  • Corporate Connections
  • Company followers
  • Company growth rate
  • Business line
  • Company Name
  • Company Revenue
  • Company size
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