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We'll get you closer to your goals with the Google Ads strategies we devise to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Can your customers who search for your services on Google reach you?

By defining the current situation of your brand and your goals, we as your Google Ads agency ensure that you reach the right target group through the right channels. By defining the current situation of your brand and your goals, we ensure that you reach the right target group via the right channels.

We target customers from your market to develop successful Google Ads strategies.

We combine creativity and Google Ads technologies to capture the attention of your target audience with our creative resources.

We measure Google Ads results and perform regular analysis to keep your sales team moving in the right direction.

Wir entwickeln unsere Strategien und optimieren unsere Anzeigen entsprechend den Ergebnissen unserer Analysen.

Google Ads Solutions

How do we manage your Google Ads strategy?

Google Ads offers various advertising options as an advertising platform. In classic search engine marketing, ads are placed in text format in Google Search. In the Google Partner Network, campaigns can be marketed via banners. Another alternative is Google Shopping Ads, where products are displayed for direct sales. In addition, various models can be used, such as the Partner Network, YouTube Ads, In-App Ads and Ads in Google Discover.

First, we thoroughly research your industry, your competitors and your target audience. As your Google Ads agency, we provide a Google Ads strategy that fits your marketing goals. We have a lot of experience in paid marketing to ensure a high ROI every month.
Test and Analyse
We analyze your Google Ads before creating a comprehensive roadmap. If there are existing and future failures, we can get a picture of them and better present our findings and strategic solutions.
We create inspiring and motivating posts by communicating with your target audience. We have the experience, creativity and know-how to develop a customized Google Ads PPC campaign in line with your marketing goals.
Report and Monitor
As your Google Ads agency, we ensure long-term, sustainable results for your brand. We constantly focus on your performance and the return on investment for your brand. That's why we analyze a campaign through detailed reporting and offer full transparency with our approach.

We develop Google Ads strategies to grow your business!

Our Google PPC strategies not only include keyword research, planning and budgeting, but we can also help with the right ad copy, landing pages and general settings. Another reason to work with us is that as your Google Ads agency, we constantly monitor, analyze and evaluate all active campaigns to improve and increase results.

How can you use Google Ads Remarketing to improve your business?

Google Ads Remarketing is designed to reach potential users who have previously visited similar websites, watched similar videos, or searched for similar terms, and convert them into customers.

Dynamic ads that are frequently encountered in everyday life, such as "Are you looking for this service?", "The yellow shoes you are looking for have arrived!", "The similar article you read has been published!" fall within the scope of remarketing. Many shopping sites use remarketing to complete the purchase. And they achieve very successful results with it. This is because they achieve positive results by targeting a relevant audience with a relevant product/service.

As your Google Ads agency, we can ensure that you achieve successful results by planning remarketing campaigns for your brand.


As your Google Ads agency, we help B2B companies increase sales and conversions, lower bounce rates, and ramp up quickly.


Businesses that invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google realize an average return on investment (ROI) of $8 for every $1 spent. Your business can maximize ROI with our PPC management services that provide a turnkey solution for PPC. With our Google advertising agency, your business can develop a competitive and customized strategy for the Google advertising network that goes beyond clicks to generate sales, leads and revenue. Your dedicated Mochatouch account manager will also provide your team with transparent reports and a dedicated point of contact.


Remarketing can open up tremendous growth and new opportunities for your business. Research shows that people who engage with retargeting ads are more likely to convert, for example, by asking about a special offer, buying your product, or contacting your team for more information. Our experienced and certified Google Ads staff can help your business maximize the benefits of remarketing. With customized strategies, targeted ad copy, and professionally designed display ads, we as your Google Ads agency can help you retarget and convert these valuable buyers and customers.

International Google Ads campaigns

Businesses with an international audience need an online presence to match. With a global advertising campaign, your business can reach valuable users around the world, taking your brand awareness, revenue and sales to new levels. Your personal account manager at Mochatouch can help your business launch a successful global advertising campaign. Our in-house team of copywriters and designers can also develop ad copy and designs that appeal to every segment of your global audience.

Google Display Network

Although display advertising has an average click-through rate (CTR) of only 0.46 percent, it is a useful channel when it comes to brand awareness. This is because display ads appeal to users visually. Users become aware of your products and services even if they don't click on your ad. With our team's expertise, you'll get the most out of your display ad campaign. As your Google Ads agency, we create engaging copy and original designs for your ad. Plus, our Google AdWords management tracks clicks, conversions and click fraud so your team can make the most of your budget.

Landing Page Optimization

A successful PPC campaign goes beyond keywords, ad copy, and targeting, and also takes into account the next step after a user clicks on your ad and reaches your landing page. With custom landing pages for your ad campaigns, your business can meet user expectations and increase results. Our Google Ads agency has a dedicated team of designers who specialize in landing page design. We can provide your business with a fast, user-friendly landing page that increases sales, phone calls, revenue and more.

Conversion Rate Optimization

One advantage of digital advertising is that your ad campaigns can always get one percent better. Whether you're testing new calls-to-action (CTA), updating ad copy, or comparing landing pages, you can discover new and engaging ways to increase searches, purchases, and more. As your Google Ads agency, Mochatouch can optimize and test your ads for you. We can also come up with testing recommendations so your team can focus on day-to-day tasks instead of juggling multiple responsibilities and too little time.

How do we help you as a Google Ads agency to create a Google Ads strategy?

First, as your Google Ads agency, we thoroughly research your industry, your competitors and your target audience. We provide a Google Ads strategy that fits your marketing goals.
Google Ads planning and strategy is the key to a successful paid campaign. Once the Google Ads strategy is approved, we implement it with the help of our experienced digital marketing team.
We ensure that your brand achieves long-term, sustainable results. Wir konzentrieren uns auf Ihre Leistung und Investitionsrendite mit einem völlig transparenten Ansatz.

Why do you work with the Google Ads agency?

Whether you're a SaaS startup with venture capital or a busy Fortune 500 international company, Google Ads can offer you a lot of value. But it's easy to spend money on the wrong keywords or pay too much for a click that doesn't convert into a sale. That's why you need to work with a Google Ads agency that knows what it's doing, and as a Google Partner, Mochatouch is just that.

As your Google Ads agency, we work directly with your business to set realistic Google Ads goals based on your unique needs and budget. To do this, we identify the target audiences and demographics you want your business to reach and help you expand your reach into new, lucrative markets.

As your Google Ads agency, we will use any or all of these advertising strategies and techniques:

Smart Budget Solutions for maximum efficiency
Display Ads (GDN), a great channel to increase conversions at low CPCs.
To make the tracking of non-brand keywords more efficient, Dynamic Search Ads.
A/B testing for paid search headlines to improve ad copy, graphics and CTA to drive more people to conversion.
A smart bidding strategy for Google Ads that helps you get as many conversions as possible Target CPA Bidding.
Offline Conversion Tracking (OCT) to connect your advertising efforts with your CRM and track the quality of your leads on Google.
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Our PPC team combines up-to-date advertising strategies, continuous optimization, and a (healthy!) obsession with performance to ensure you get the most engagement with Google Ads within your budget. At Mochatouch, as your Google Ads agency, we don't expect you to settle for generic metrics without real content. We provide you with reports that detail the progress of each of your KPIs.

Frequently asked questions about Google Ads Agency

Google Ads is a form of paid advertising called Search Engine Advertising (SEA). It is the online advertising program of Google’s search engine. With Google Ads, ads can be placed. They are displayed directly in the search results or on websites in the Google network. This also includes YouTube ads, for example. The most classic form of Google Ads are text ads that appear above the search results of a search query.

In the classic variant, the classic Google Text Ads, you use keywords to decide for which search queries your ad will appear on Google. This list of keywords has a great influence on the success of your campaign and can therefore quickly achieve a large reach. With additional functions such as region selection, you can make the campaign planning even more target group-specific. The position of your ad or where your Google Ads appear depends not only on individual keywords, but also on the quality of your ad and your bid. So how much is a click on the ad worth to you?

You can target users with Google Ads. And then they show interest in your product or service. Google Ads offers the advantage of increasing awareness of your company and your product line, driving more traffic to your website or individual landing pages, and thus contributing to more customers and higher sales.

With Google Ads, you can freely define your advertising budget and track which measure brings which result with precise analysis options. The prices of the keywords can be calculated with CPC (Cost per Click). These usually range between €0.20 and €2. However, there are also niches within keywords. These are particularly sought-after keywords that are cheaper, but also have significantly more expensive click rates, such as in the IT industry.