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We develop customized solutions to increase your brand awareness and revenue with a strong SEO infrastructure.

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Can your customers find you on Google?

Determining the market and target customers.

To develop successful SEO strategies, we start with your market and the personalities of your target customers.

Determination of marketing channels and tactics.

Developing your on-page and off-page SEO strategies to achieve your sales goals.

Create compelling visuals.

We combine creativity and SEO technologies to capture the attention of your target audience with our creative assets.

Improving results for success.

We measure and optimize SEO results to keep your sales team moving in the right direction.

SEO Agency Solutions

How do we manage your SEO strategy?

As your SEO agency, we make a comprehensive inventory of your existing website. In doing so, we record all technical, structural and content data as a basis for search engine optimization (SEO). We look at your current keyword rankings, page load times and their Google and mobile compatibility. We also perform a comprehensive competitive analysis and compare page performance. Finally, we determine the keywords and other ranking factors you need to reach your target audience.

SEO Concept Creation
Unique content is important for users and search engines and therefore an important component of search engine optimization (SEO). Based on the identified keywords, we first create a content concept that we use strategically for content optimization. In doing so, we build intelligent links that take your existing content into account.
Content Optimization & Content Review
Around the pre-developed text concept, we enable you to optimize the ranking of your website with texts that suit you, that are of interest to your website visitors and that are classified as relevant by the Google algorithm.
Technical SEO
In addition to high-quality content, there are a number of technical ranking factors that you may not recognize at first glance. Thanks to our SEO inventory, we know which levers to pull in the background to make your website perform better. After the measurements we take, we take all the measures for successful search engine optimization (SEO).
Reporting and Monitoring
After SEO is before SEO. Through permanent transparency of the progress of search engine optimization (SEO) and regular reporting, you always know how your website is developing. So as your SEO agency, we know which SEO measures make sense for you and with which redesigns we can further improve your success. A serious search engine optimization (SEO) should be considered in the long term.

We develop SEO strategies to grow your business!

Let's talk a little bit about SEO. A lot of people think it's some kind of magic, but that's not the case. Look at it from your own perspective: what do you do when you want to find something on the internet? You are looking, aren't you? Then click on one of the links on the first page of the search results. In fact, over 90% of visitors behave exactly the same way.

Have you ever wondered how the websites at the top of your search results got there? This is because they have done search engine optimization.

Exactly how search engines work is a closely guarded secret, but the key principles are well known. They are based on two main factors: keywords and links.

Earn more revenue with your SEO strategy!

We try to get to know you in order to understand your products and services, the points that differentiate you from your competitors, your target audience, your market and your competitive environment. As your SEO agency, we make an initial analysis of your content on the digital channels and your progress in search engine optimization and work with you on the marketing plan that we create together.

We set SEO goals, such as entering a new market, expanding leadership in an existing market, or creating brand awareness among a specific target audience. Once the goals are set, we prepare marketing campaigns for you to achieve them.

We constantly update your SEO strategies based on the data we gather from your current position and application reports. We measure your awareness in the digital channels and share the results of your current strategy with you.


We help B2B companies increase sales, increase conversions, reduce bounce rates and scale quickly.

With the right SEO tools, we uncover technical problems on your website. We examine weaknesses such as excessively long loading times or bulky URLs. We also look closely at usability and existing content. The wrong color choice or combination, unfavorably placed buttons and misleading internal links can negatively influence the behavior of website visitors and, in the worst case, scare them away. Thanks to our experience, we can quickly determine where to start your on-page metrics when creating and optimizing text.

Off-page optimization includes all measures that increase the reputation of a website.
  • Incoming and outgoing connection setup
  • Use of social signals
A quick note: the slang term SEO optimization is actually content duplication and was written for search engine optimization. We know this sounds like a whirlwind, but we just can't help it, and as an SEO agency that takes your business seriously, we need to get your attention - just like we want to get you noticed better than the competition Google.

Based on company and competitor analysis, our experience and SEO tools, we find out what users are looking for. You will also find out which terms your direct competitors rank for and who the biggest competitors in your industry are. From these insights we extract the keyword research and then the content briefing for you. The content briefing is the text concept that is formulated on the basis of the keyword research and forms the basis for all further optimization measures in the area of text creation.

Backlinks, i.e. links from other pages to your own website, are an important Google ranking factor and therefore of great importance for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. The decisive factor is not the quantity, but the quality of the links. It signals to Google how relevant, useful and valuable your site is. If pages unrelated to your business or ranked low by Google link to you, it may result in a disapproval from Google. As part of the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, we reliably analyze your current link profile and the profile of your most important competitors to determine whether harmful or qualified links refer to you. We then remove bad links and build good links in a targeted manner.

In order to achieve a high rank in the organic search results, technical requirements must be met. Does your website have logical internal linking? Are the pages indexed? Do they load quickly? Is the navigation user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices? Technical optimization is part of our SEO service. Because of this, Nerd and his team will review your website and take the appropriate action. You'll be amazed at the impact even small bug fixes can have. However, long-term success requires multi-layered analysis and incremental improvement, bringing your website up to date with the latest technology.

No matter in which area: There are stories for everyone to tell and people who are enthusiastic about a topic. But good content is more than just a few texts full of keywords. It adds value for search engine optimization by being well-structured and well-written, but also by providing a consistent experience from Google snippet to homepage text to blog article. In short, it turns users into readers and readers into customers. But what are your potential buyers looking for? What are the top-selling terms in your field? Are your keywords tailored to your customers and is the content designed accordingly? Let's improve your ranking together with targeted storytelling!

Link building is a complex process of building a network of respectful and relevant links pointing to your website. We follow a strong on-page SEO strategy that focuses on quality over quantity to improve your ranking on search engine results pages and maximize organic traffic. Quality links increase your website's online prestige, search engine visibility and organic traffic. Not all links to your site are created equal; they can mean the difference between a Google penalty and a higher ranking.

How do we help you as an SEO agency to create an SEO strategy?

We thoroughly research your industry, your competitors and your target audience to offer you an SEO strategy tailored to your marketing goals. We analyze the current situation of your brand and focus on user-oriented and awareness-raising goals.
Testing and Analysis
We analyze for different goals like technique, offpage, backlink, content. Through monitoring, we determine which steps we need to take in which area. As your SEO agency, we enrich the content with the keyword sets that we will create.
We increase the visibility of your pages by establishing a strong SEO strategy, taking into account all technical reports.
Reporting and Monitoring
We closely monitor the results of the strategies we implement. Each new report is a detailed analysis that shows in which direction we should be going. We make constant updates based on these analyses.

Why does your website need an SEO strategy?

SEO work, which aims to ensure that your website is among the most accurate results in the searches of your customers using Google and other search engines, is the process of effectively analyzing the ranking criteria and making the necessary optimizations accordingly.

SEO work with the right content increases your website traffic and thus your visibility in organic search results. This means users searching for companies in your industry are more likely to discover your business. You can use advertising to increase your website's visibility in the short term, but SEO is the most valuable investment in the long run.

As Mochatouch SEO agency, we try to get to know you and your business first to plan the most appropriate strategy, create the right content and optimize your website to make your business website appear in Google search. If the bots from Google and other search engines cannot navigate your website properly, your pages cannot be indexed properly and your digital strategy cannot achieve its goal. Parameters like XML sitemaps, robots.txt file, canonical tags, pagination tags, 301 redirects, 404 errors, HTML and CSS validations can cause thousands of problems depending on the size of your website. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to optimize your website content, your page structures, meta tags, URLs, page descriptions, categories, in-page links, website design and software.

Frequently asked questions about the SEO agency

The cost of SEO depends on the customizations that need to be made to the website and the extent of them. The exact price cannot be given as a flat rate, but must be determined with the help of an SEO analysis that identifies the weak points of the online presence.

Unlike SEA, i.e. paid search results, SEO is a long-term process. The first results can be seen in just a few weeks, while climbing to the top ranking positions can take months. Depending on the search term (keyword) and industry, it can take half a year or even a whole year. SEO results, on the other hand, have a much longer effect than SEA and ensure lasting better visibility on the Internet.

When choosing a good agency, make sure that it combines the interdisciplinary knowledge of different specialists such as SEO, content, designer and IT professionals and can thus support you in the best possible way with every SEO adjustment. Ideally, the agency can show a large number of references and has industry-relevant awards. It is also important that both the services and the costs are transparent, so that you always have a good overview of what changes are being made and how much they will cost.

Around 82% of your potential customers use online search engines such as Google to find out about products and services (source: Statista). That is why it is important that our SEO agency develops a strategy for your website to achieve good visibility in search engines. By using your website to promote your business, you can target potential customers with the right local information. According to a Google study, four out of five consumers use search engines to find local information such as opening times, product availability or a store’s address.

SEO is mainly about making your website more visible in the search results, the so-called search results pages of the major search engines, i.e. above all Google or Bing, in short the SERPs. This means that an SEO agency ensures that your website gets a better placement (ranking) for certain search terms in the search engines, especially in Google ÔÇô the largest search engine ÔÇô and that more visitors come to your website as a result. In addition, SEO is also very important for a number of other factors, such as if you want to reduce the cost of your online advertising. With this approach, search engine optimization has become an important part of online marketing today and a regular SEO check is therefore in the interest of every company.

But how do we do professional SEO in our SEO agency and when exactly does the magic come into play during optimization? Very simple: We use the best SEO techniques for our analyzes to reach your potential customers where they are, whether on the phone or on the PC! With our SEO agency, you will not receive any empty promises in response to your questions and requests – we will face the challenges of your site together with you with our knowledge and experience from years of SEO services and will provide you with excellent support at all times. We explain to you and your team the most important building blocks of search engine optimization and work with you to develop the right SEO concept and the perfect solution for your project!