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We increase your revenue by making sure you are targeting the right audience and reaching your target audience with YouTube Ads services.

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Defining the market and target customers.

To create a successful YouTube advertising strategy, we first define your market and target customer base. We create digital marketing plans where you can meet your potential customers directly by defining target groups for each platform with detailed criteria. 

Identifying YouTube target channels and tactics.

We enable you to reach the right audience and increase your brand awareness through the right videos. As a YouTube advertising agency, we understand that your target audience may be active on multiple channels, and we focus on the audience we can reach with YouTube ads.

Creating engaging graphics.

We combine creativity and digital marketing technologies to capture the attention of your B2B audience with our design work to support your YouTube Ads strategy. We prepare rich content that is appropriate for the overall attitude of the digital marketing and YouTube advertising platform and accurately reflects your brand.

Improving results for success

We measure and improve the results of digital marketing and YouTube advertising to steer your sales team in the right direction. We report on the results we've achieved to improve our campaigns and as your digital marketing agency, we base these reports on our future work.

YouTube Ads Solutions

Grow your business with the power of YouTube Ads.

As the world's most successful video platform in the Google ecosystem, YouTube offers you the unique opportunity to reach your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. There are various ad formats that you can use to increase your brand awareness on the YouTube video platform. With YouTube Ads, you have the option of addressing the target group with an image or video ad.

We integrate the YouTube ecosystem into all digital marketing channels of your B2B advertising efforts to help you drive revenue and generate targeted leads and sales with our YouTube Ads agency services.

YouTube channels are great lead generation tools for B2B companies, creating awareness for valuable prospects who are likely to become customers. With our agency services, we target decision makers based on their industry, company size, or interest in specific topics so you can generate higher returns from digital marketing channels, including YouTube.

We thoroughly research your industry, your competitors, and your audience to develop a YouTube advertising strategy that meets your marketing goals. We use our years of paid marketing experience to deliver a high return on investment every month.
Test and Analyze
We believe we should review your current digital marketing campaigns and YouTube advertising goals before recommending an improved strategy. This gives us insight into current performance and issues that may be causing problems now or in the future. Once this phase is complete, we present our findings and strategy recommendations to you.
We plan a motivational journey that engages, engages, and inspires your target audience. Our digital marketing experts have the experience, creativity, and know-how to develop a customized paid social campaign that aligns with your marketing goals.
Reporting and Monitoring
We strive to achieve long-term and sustainable results for a brand. We constantly focus on performance and ROI for your brand. That's why we analyze a campaign using detailed reports and offer full transparency on our approach.

YouTube Ads Agency for the growth of your company

How else can we help you?

  • We define your customers and construct how you capture their attention by communicating with them
  • We find the right YouTube channels for your business
  • We do YouTube analytics and search engine optimization to rank higher
  • We promote your content through the right channels on YouTube
  • We increase your conversion rates so that we can attract more customers from your target group.

We get to know you to understand your products and services, what sets you apart from your competitors, your target audience, your market, and your competitive landscape. We conduct an initial analysis of your YouTube content and your progress with YouTube ads, and work with you on a marketing plan that we create together.

We set the goals for digital marketing, such as entering a new market, expanding market leadership in an existing market, or creating brand awareness among a specific target audience. Once the goals are set, we prepare YouTube advertising campaigns to achieve those goals.

We constantly update your YouTube advertising strategies based on the data we gather from your current position and application reports. As your YouTube advertising agency, we measure your awareness on the digital channels and share the results of your current strategy with you.


YouTube ad agency with problem solver

Marketing helps B2B companies increase sales and conversions, reduce the instant attrition rate, and scale quickly.

These ads appear before and/or during a video. The uniqueness of this ad type is that viewers can skip ads after the first 5 seconds. As an advertiser, you only pay if viewers continue watching after the first 5 seconds. Your ad must be at least 12 seconds long. (Google recommends your video be less than 3 minutes) You pay when someone views or clicks through the first 30 seconds or the entire ad.

With 76% of users reporting that ads are automatically skipped, some advertisers choose to run pre-roll or mid-roll ads with no skip buttons.

You can incorporate this ad model into your YouTube ad strategies if you're aiming for strong brand awareness gains and are sure your creative is strong enough to capture your audience's attention for 15 seconds*.

Note that advertisers pay per CPM (i.e. per 1,000 views) for non-skippable ads.

* May take up to 20 seconds if located in India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore or the EMEA region in general.

Additionally, some non-skippable in-stream ads may also receive views on YouTube TV when deemed appropriate.

Bumper ads can play before, during, or after a video. However, bumper ads are 6 seconds or less in length. In this case, viewers have no option to skip the ad.

They are charged the same CPM as for non-skippable in-stream ads.

The advantage of bumper ads is that viewers are less offended and more likely to pay attention to the ad content.

The disadvantage of bumper ads is that you pay for each view. Also, in 6 seconds or less, it is difficult to engage the audience.

You can use this type of ad if you want to reach a large audience with a short, memorable message with the goal of brand awareness and reach.

We use in-feed video ads when we want to promote promotional videos on the sidelines of a YouTube video page or where viewers discover content, e.g. B. on YouTube search results pages or the homepage of the YouTube mobile app.

In-feed video ads consist of a thumbnail of the video and a few lines of text. Exact display size and appearance may vary depending on viewing position. However, in-feed video ads always invite users to click on the video to watch it. The video will then play on the YouTube watch page or channel home page.

Youtube Feed Ici Ad Model

Out-stream ads are for mobile devices only and appear only on Google video partner websites and apps. Outstream ads are not available on YouTube.

Out-stream ads can be served in various mobile placements. Outstream ads in mobile web placements are displayed as banners. Outstream ads in mobile apps are displayed in banners, interstitials, streaming, native mode, and both portrait and full-screen modes.

Out-stream ads are run with the sound turned off. Viewers can unmute the video by tapping the ad. With out-stream ads, you can expand your video reach cost-effectively.

Youtube Stream Disi Ad Model

Masthead ads are the ad type that YouTube ads see most often. The featured video in the masthead ad will automatically play at the top of the main YouTube stream for up to 30 seconds with no sound. The masthead display can be displayed in widescreen or 16:9 format. There is an info box to the right of the video that automatically uses elements from your channel. You can optionally add 2 supplementary videos to this panel. Users who want to unmute the video can click the mute icon. After autoplay, the main video becomes a video thumbnail by default. When users click on the video or thumbnail, they are taken to the video's YouTube page. Youtube Masthead Ad Model

One digital marketing agency for all your needs

We thoroughly research your industry, competitors, and target audience to develop a digital marketing strategy that meets your marketing and sales goals.
Digital marketing channel planning and strategy is the beginning of a successful marketing campaign. After the strategy we develop, if your digital marketing agency is approved, we implement the strategy with the help of our experienced digital marketing team.
Our goal is to achieve long-term and sustainable results for your brand. We constantly focus on performance and ROI for your brand. That's why we analyze a campaign through detailed reporting and offer full transparency on our approach.

Why should you work with a YouTube Ads agency?

Wir stärken Ihre Marke in der Video-Suchmaschine mit YouTube Ads.

YouTube hat das Fernsehen fast verdrängt und Ihre Zielgruppe lässt sich mit den erweiterten Targeting-Möglichkeiten in den Anzeigenmodellen punktgenau ansprechen. Als zertifizierte Spezialagentur für Search- und Social-Media-Advertising verfügen wir über jahrelange Erfahrung in der Umsetzung von YouTube-Kampagnen. Ob regionale Anzeigen oder Anzeigen für Nischenprodukte im B2B: YouTube Ads bieten Ihnen vielfältige Möglichkeiten, die Bekanntheit Ihres Unternehmens zu steigern und das Vertrauen neuer Kunden zu gewinnen.

Ihre Marke möchte gefunden werden

Wer im digitalen Zeitalter mit seinen Produkten, Dienstleistungen oder Online-Shops erfolgreich sein will, braucht eine starke Online-Präsenz – das Internet und die Digitalisierung haben uns diese längst beschert. Im Zeitalter des digitalen Wandels, KI-Suchmaschinen, Social-Media-Marketing und des Metaversums ist eine Unternehmenswebsite nicht mehr für sich allein.

Wer seine Kunden im Web erreichen will, muss wissen, wo sie sich aufhalten, welche Inhalte und Themen sie bewegen und wie man ihnen genau die richtigen Angebote macht. Dafür brauchen Sie eine umsetzungsstarke Agentur für digitales Marketing.

Was macht eine YouTube-Werbeagentur?

Möchten Sie mehr Besucher, bessere Leads, Verkäufe oder neue Kunden? Keine Sorge, dafür sind wir da – wir haben viel Erfahrung und wickeln jährlich über hundert digitale Projekte ab. Mit unseren Beratern, Content Managern, Digital Marketing Experten und Projektmanagern helfen wir Ihrem Unternehmen, als Digitalagentur sichtbar zu werden. Und das schneller und kostengünstiger als es eine herkömmliche Werbeagentur könnte. Von Content-Marketing, E-Mail-Marketing und Social Media über eine richtig gute Website bis hin zu hochkonvertierenden Landingpages und umfassenden Kampagnen – wir sind Ihr professioneller Partner für digitale Kommunikation und ermöglichen es Ihnen, Ihre Kunden mit spannenden Inhalten zu erreichen.

Wie helfen wir Ihnen bei der digitalen Transformation und Digitalisierung Ihrer Werbung?

Als Full-Service-Agentur für digitales Marketing bieten wir Ihnen einen umfassenden Leistungskatalog: Wir helfen Ihnen bei der Datenanalyse, entwickeln gemeinsam mit Ihnen die richtigen Strategien und Taktiken und kümmern uns um die richtigen digitalen Inhalte und das Webdesign für Ihre Marke. Schließlich stellen wir mit SEO (Suchmaschinenoptimierung), Social Media Marketing und damit verbundenen digitalen Werbemaßnahmen (bezahlt und organisch) sicher, dass diese Angebote Ihre Zielgruppe wirklich erreichen.

With us as your Youtube Ads agency, you get a modern digital marketing strategy that really reaches and convinces your customers. We focus on measurable results like awareness, traffic, leads and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube Ads Agency

A YouTube Ads agency will help you increase your visibility on the platform and reach a larger audience by optimizing your videos for search, using targeting options to reach specific audiences, and using paid advertising options to increase your reach.

The average cost per view of a YouTube ad is typically between $0.010 and $0.030. The views you generate are included in the total number of YouTube views. The average cost of reaching 100,000 views is about $2,000.