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Explore our professional email marketing services to communicate with your customers in a more meaningful and personalized way, increase your transaction engagement and grow your business.

E-Mail Marketing Agentur

Does your email marketing strategy meet the needs of your customers and your brand?

We create a detailed roadmap for growing your brand with email marketing.

Get direct access to the email inboxes of potential customers who have interacted with your brand.
As your email marketing agency, we develop strategies that increase your brand loyalty and customer loyalty for result-oriented email marketing.

We track and analyze how your customers interact with your email marketing activities and what their feedback is. This way we understand what works and what doesn't and can make improvements.

Your customer list consists of many different customer profiles, and each profile is sensitive to different content and communications.

To understand this, we run A/B tests appropriate for your business and needs.
We help you understand the performance of your customers and content.

Your customers have different needs and different levels of awareness.

As your e-mail marketing agency, we know that communication with different target groups should also be differentiated in different phases.
With segmentation, we ensure that you get more interaction from the right audience.

We help you get a complete insight into your customers with regular, periodic and campaign-based reports.

E-Mail Marketing Solutions

Convert your website visitors into customers

Converting your website visitors into subscribers, your subscribers into potential customers, your potential customers into customers, and your customers into loyal customers is a long and tedious process.

As Natives of the Digital World, we at Mochatouch manage all email marketing processes for you.

You can contact us to discover our effective email marketing solutions.

A message that can't be delivered to your list isn't a message at all. Deliverability is an important metric for the email reaching a subscriber's inbox. A good open rate can be achieved primarily by email campaigns reaching more subscribers.
Open Rate
The open rate is considered an important metric in email marketing. It indicates the percentage of people who opened an email campaign. To get a good open rate, you need to identify your customer base and provide content and offers that mobilize them.
Click Rate
The click-through rate shows how many people clicked on the links in the email campaign. A high CTR will drive more subscribers to your website or product page and help you increase your conversions.
Conversion Rate
Your emails have been delivered, opened and even clicked on. The next task concerns your website and what you offer there. The contribution of your email marketing activities to conversions is higher than your communication campaign for new audiences. Also, it is very profitable in terms of return on investment.

We create email marketing campaigns to grow your business

How else can we help you?

  • Email list management: We regularly update your customer list, understand the needs of your target audience and deliver the right messages to the right people.
  • Design and content creation: We create eye-catching email designs and compelling content.
  • A/B testing: As your email marketing agency, we perform A/B testing to measure the performance of your campaigns.
  • Automatic email campaigns: We create automatic email campaigns based on your customers' purchasing behavior.
  • Reports and analyses: We measure the impact of your campaigns, create reports and analyses. In this way we contribute to the growth of your business by constantly improving your campaigns.

We get to know you to understand your products and services, what makes you different from your competitors, your target audience, your market and your competitive environment.
We create a preliminary analysis for your email marketing efforts and work with you on a marketing plan that we create together.

Together with you we define your email marketing goals, e.g. B. entering a new market, expanding market leadership in an existing market or increasing existing customer loyalty.
After the goals are set, we create customized email marketing campaigns for you to achieve those goals.

We continuously develop and update your email marketing strategy, taking into account your existing resources. As your e-mail marketing agency, we measure your awareness in the digital channels and inform you of the results of your current strategy.


E-mail marketing agency that understands and solves your problems

Email marketing enables B2B companies to connect with existing and new customers.

This interaction increases sales and conversion rates.

To build a quality email list, you can register on the website and/or use your existing customer list in CRM use.
Email Mind sending frequency: Try to send emails low enough not to overwhelm your list, and often enough not to make you forget.
Split your email list into targeted segments based on interests, behavior, demographics, or other relevant factors.
Create compelling content: Develop high-quality and relevant content that resonates with your audience.
Optimize your email subject and highlighted snippet optimize: Use a catchy and clear headline that encourages your subscribers to do so to open your email.
An email that reaches and opens your list's email inbox is 50% successful. Include a simple and clear Call to Action (CTA) in your email body to encourage subscribers to take action to move.
Test and improve: test various elements of your email campaigns, including subject lines, content, design, and CTA, and based on results tweak your approach.
Email Mind sending frequency: Try to send emails low enough not to overwhelm your list, and often enough not to make you forget.
Monitor the deliverability of your emails monitor: Take precautions to ensure that your emails do not end up in the trash of your subscribers (spam -)box and make sure they reach their inbox.