What is HubSpot?

Hubspot is marketing automation. This automation has given a new perspective on inbound marketing that guides the digital processes of companies. it has combined all marketing, sales and service activities in a holistic platform with a new order.

HubSpot is software designed in 2006 to help companies develop and implement inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is an effective marketing method used in thousands of companies. This method is used to keep track of every stage of the potential customer and existing customer relationships. By staying in constant interaction, it ensures to keep customers’ interest alive and finally achieve customer satisfaction. Also, marketing; is effective in all sales and service processes.

Inbound marketing is about engaging in activities that will allow more customers to come to you. Customers from organic searches, social media and other platforms show the impact of inbound marketing. Marketing activities such as telephone, television, and direct mail in traditional marketing have left their place with digital marketing.

Hubspot Flywheel Engage Attract Delight

HubSpot significantly reduces the time and effort you spend on powering, analyzing and reporting your marketing and sales activities. In this way, by organizing your customers’ information, you make great progress in customer service. You can follow all interactions directly as it is equipped to be used by all units in your company. You can also benefit from the information you have previously obtained while planning your future activities.

HubSpot and Efficiency

Companies can meet their needs with HubSpot in many areas such as social media, SEO, e-mail, landing page, content creation. In this respect, it adopts an “all-in-one” infrastructure approach. It allows you to make a new website on the platform as it can be integrated into the existing website.

HubSpot gathers many different tools such as campaign, workflow, content strategy, reporting, sales under one roof. And it not only shows developments, but it also allows you to get a detailed analysis of how it should be.

Assigning tasks by planning, keeping the dates of work under control with timelines. Moreover, accessing all this information whenever you need it are just some of HubSpot’s main features.

The most important point that distinguishes HubSpot from other marketing tools; HubSpot is not a simple software that will contribute to your business. On the contrary, it is a very comprehensive concept of ideas that may increase your workload. When you start using it, you may have to delete and redraw all your roadmap you have determined until that day. However, this will provide a great gain for your company in the long run.

Each unit can file its own required dates, links, publications and web pages. Since the paths followed in the projects are recorded, the repetition processes created for each project are determined. Also, as a result of the analysis, processes that should not be repeated can be easily removed from the project plan.

You can complete your daily business plans quickly and more efficiently with templates that you can use for many topics. Instead of dealing with details, a more productive time frame allows you to take a few extra steps for your business.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Marketing activities you do to attract the attention of your potential customers and promoting the service you offer Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing, which aims to attract the target audience to the website with different channels, is different from traditional marketing.

In contrast to traditional marketing, you don’t go to people, they come to you. You only become visible on some platforms to get their attention and show that you exist.

Hubspot Process Attract, Convert, Close, Delight

The most important element in inbound marketing is to know the target audience or potential customer. The key to a successful inbound strategy is to know which platforms the target audience is on. In addition, it should be known which channels should be used to reach the target audience.

A successful strategy can be created when inbound marketing, which is the most advanced tool of marketing fundamentals, is combined with customer satisfaction and service/after-sales experience criteria.

One of the most effective methods of Inbound marketing is to create content that will attract attention of your target audience. When you support created content with SEO criteria, you can reach your target customers faster and make them notice you.

Turning all interactions with customers into a good experience is a gateway to the future for your brand. After-service satisfaction of customers who reach you through inbound strategies can turn into an effective marketing strategy for your brand.

Integrated Marketing, Sales and Service Platform

HubSpot is an integrated marketing, sales and service platform that facilitates your work and optimizes your current situation. It brings together all the activities you do in the field of marketing, sales and service. It allows you to create a process that is easy to manage and follow. And it continues to support you with analyzes, recommendations and reports that will help you throughout this process.

Thanks to its regularly updated and renewed structure, HubSpot is an effective tool that saves you time from your marketing activities to your after-sales processes.

Hubspot Integrated Marketing

HubSpot; It divides the process into three as Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub. By providing these processes are managed from a single-center, it ensures that there is no disconnection between units.

The administrative tools offered by HubSpot are basically divided into three. The first is the Marketing Center, where strategic planning such as landing pages, contents, automation management, and reports are made. The second is the Sales Center, which contains detailed information about leads and customers. The third is the Service Center that supports after-sales services and customer interactions.

How to Use HubSpot?

Marketing Automation

HubSpot, which offers classified storage for marketing, sales and customer support activities, continues these features in integration with marketing tools. Thus, projects and management processes are followed and managed in the same software. If you have HubSpot Marketing Automation you will not need any other third-party tools.

Marketing automation, which automates repetitive actions such as manually entering each information, enable the processes to be created by automation. The transactions you create are part of your workflow process. The system automatically takes all the steps to be taken from the moment the workflow is triggered.

HubSpot Marketing Automation is not a staff or a technical team. It facilitates your work while determining your marketing and sales strategies, stores and organizes the information for you. Every information you upload to the system is kept at an optimum level in terms of accessibility and accessibility. The customization you make with the help of templates saves you from getting lost in the database.


CRM, which is a very important tool for sales teams, is full of detailed and practical information about sales processes. HubSpot CRM has an area where sales representatives can keep their daily activities in an organized and planned manner. It has a detailed database where you can classify contact lists and use customized filters. You can plan every step of your company and units and allow them to interact with the customer without wasting time. HubSpot’s sales center works together with the CRM system, allowing your teams to automatically log their e-mails and quickly create new contacts. The CRM system allows online chat and web forms to be automatically transferred to the system. It allows you to interact with your customers faster. And it makes it easy for you to optimize customer experiences. Managing the entire management process of your business with a platform that you customize as you wish saves time.

Measurable Management

You can have a monitoring system where you can watch your visitors from the moment they interact. With this system, you will have an important source of data while planning your website and content.

HubSpot CRM, where you can measure your digital marketing activities, analyzes the returns you receive from the channels. It analyzes how much of these returns turn into income for you. In this way, it optimizes the channels that you invest in but never gets a return on, allowing you to make plans for the channels you get a return on.

HubSpot makes a difference in CRM with its lead management system. It makes it easier for you to share information with your sales unit by scoring your potential customers with database. You can manage your processes on a single platform. By doing optimization works, you manage your brand with a qualified management planning.

HubSpot CRM supports your growth activity by gathering all the necessary hardware for your business under one roof. With its advanced infrastructure, it makes it easy for you to have a constantly up-to-date and measurable plan.

Why HubSpot?

At HubSpot, you can find all the services you need to create and maintain your inbound marketing strategy effectively. HubSpot, which brings a new perspective to the marketing world; offers a comprehensive system where you can carry out marketing, sales and service activities together.

It is considered a very reliable authority because it achieves its own success with the strategies it defends. HubSpot enables the customer to come with inbound marketing instead of going to the customer with traditional Outbound marketing. It enables marketing to achieve its goals with marketing tools and recommendations proven to reduce the workload in the digital environment and increase productivity.

Thanks to the strategies that HubSpot will offer you, you will not compromise quality while increasing the awareness. Elements that allow you to communicate correctly with your target audience and keep your communication dynamic are called customer-oriented elements. Elements that ease your workload by building the tools you use to manage your business in an integrated structure and offer a more detailed and comprehensive management panel are called management-oriented elements. You can find the support you need in many areas from customer-oriented to management-oriented elements in HubSpot.

Creating Content and Templates with HubSpot

With HubSpot’s special Content Management System (CMS), you can create an integrated web page customized according to your customers’ preferences by optimizing the content you create. While creating content and templates, you can choose the most suitable tool for you from HubSpot’s built-in and multi-alternative options. You can easily complete most of your time-consuming work and still do not compromise on quality by maintaining a professional appearance.

Its infrastructure, which offers a customized management experience for users thanks to its different template alternative, can make HubSpot indispensable for you. You don’t need to waste time between plugins or panels by managing all your content from a single panel.

You can do extensive work on many topics from your blogs to your presentations, without the need for technical knowledge, with content and template creation tools. Content tools that allow you to organize your content at every point from column structures to subsets also support you to create strong texts in SEO.

Email templates make it easy for you to manage your customer relationships accurately and intelligently, allowing you to work between panels without wasting time and skipping any details.

HubSpot’s time-saving tools that allow you to do quality work allow you to use your time qualitatively and get a practical process.

Lead Management with HubSpot

Collecting daily customer information, such as forms from your website, in the same place is an important part of daily work. It is also necessary to ensure that these data are archived correctly. Therefore, you need a system that automatically archives the information of your customers. All your units must have access to all customer information without the problem of space and time.

You can create this system for your business with HubSpot Lead Management tools. Thanks to its powerful automation infrastructure and database, it processes every detail about your customers into the system and makes it easier for you to follow leads.

When remarketing, it is very important for the future of your business that the information of the leads in the system is up-to-date and reliable. By connecting this time-consuming process to automation, you can create a strong Lead database and carry out your marketing activities in line with the preferences of your leads.

You can make your CRM management more practical thanks to the automation system that automatically processes the data of the leads that come with HubSpot management tools.

HubSpot Social Media Platform

Social media is one of the most used and interactive marketing tools of today. Customers are now heavily using social media platforms to express their satisfaction or discontent. Therefore, one of the most important marketing tools of brands has become social media. However, the existence of many different social media channels makes it difficult to manage accounts on these platforms.

You can plan a fast management process with the convenience provided by HubSpot for social media management that requires great effort and time. The platform allows you to effectively manage your social media accounts. Your interactions with your customers and leads can become more professional and observable.

Thanks to HubSpot social media tool, you can instantly see the feedback you receive from social media and the customers you have gained. At the same time, you can take the right steps for the future in customer relations with tips that make it easier for you to manage this process while getting measurable results.

HubSpot Tools

HubSpot gathers all the tools and data that companies use to improve their marketing under one roof. It covers everything needed to increase website traffic, convert visitors into leads, and make sure they are all measurable.

Easy and practical marketing tools are all that a well-planned marketing strategy needs. Marketing tools alone will not work, and marketing strategy alone will not be effective. Redraw your roadmap by combining HubSpot marketing tools with an effective strategy for competitive advantage.


You can create a website as you wish or integrate HubSpot into your existing website without any support from technical personnel. Anyone who can do a basic task like “drag and drop” can create a website in HubSpot. You can make arrangements such as customizing the content you create according to the personal preferences of the visitors or making it compatible with mobile devices. With alternative options, you can make free decisions while publishing your content without getting into any details.

When you publish your website on HubSpot, you can analyze the report cards issued for each page. Thanks to the suggestions made to increase the performance of your pages in search engines, you can easily find your way without getting lost in the details.

You decide where to go, HubSpot draws your path.


One of the most important parts of your company’s inbound marketing strategy is the blog content you create. There is an increase in the number of visitors and therefore the potential customers of companies publishing sectoral developments and corporate ideas through blogs. Thanks to blog content, the website, which rises in both organic and inorganic searches, draws a positive graphic in terms of awareness and accessibility. You can prepare your content faster and easier with the support provided by HubSpot, which is considered a leader in blog publishing, in the creation and publishing stages. While creating your content, you can optimize your publication with the keywords suggested by HubSpot and measure the impact of your published content with the data capture feature offered by HubSpot.

With HubSpot, you can share your ideas with the world.


Keywords, which are the key point of a post or web page, are the supporting elements that quickly take you where you want to go. The keyword structure, which allows you to share what you want to tell with people who want to hear, is an important tool for HubSpot. HubSpot allows you to find keywords that are particularly important for your organic search results and organize your content accordingly. You can compare your search rank with your competitors and get on-page SEO support.

HubSpot tells you which key opens which door.


Unlike traditional advertising thinking, advertisements made in digital areas must be measurable and comparable. If you’re still not digital enough, HubSpot can measure everything for you. If you advertise on platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook or LinkedIn, you can measure impressions and clicks. You can have data to analyze the interaction of your advertising campaigns with potential customers in your target audience and the return they provide to you.

With HubSpot, you can discover not only those who look at you but also those who see you.

CTA (Call to Action) and Landing Page

After learning the ways to increase your website traffic, what needs to be done is to convert incoming visitors into potential customers. CTA, or “Call to Action”, are incentive messages created to enable visitors to quickly fulfill the requested behavior. CTA messages direct visitors to pre-prepared landing pages or social media links. HubSpot offers the most appropriate and accurate options for CTA messages. It offers a very easy and practical creation process for the landing page to be switched while directing you. You can easily use your CTA messages prepared in line with your preferences thanks to the landing page you will create without the need for technical support or designer. Real-time traffic and conversion data provided by HubSpot enable you to increase your performance by analyzing the results of your application.

Every step you take with HubSpot leaves a mark.

Potential Customer Management

Dozens of data and customer information pass through your company’s system every day. Each of your staff can be in contact with different customers, and each customer can reach your company using a different communication method. Gathering all these data together and creating a regular database is a very laborious and time-consuming task. HubSpot collects your customer information and marketing data in a single database, allowing you to easily view your communication activities and quickly access your data. It makes it easy for you to quickly create a campaign with its detailed list classification feature, especially for personalized marketing campaigns.

HubSpot provides streamlined data management for a steady chart of growth.

Email Marketing

E-mail, one of the most used tools, is the most important tool used by all companies for both their customers and internal communications. The resources and suggestions provided by HubSpot for your e-mails, which are also effective as a marketing tool, will speed up your activities and get results. You can increase your response rate with e-mail campaigns that are easily designed and feature comprehensive personalization. HubSpot, which offers the opportunity to optimize future activities by analyzing, tracking campaign activity and reporting, offers many alternatives in e-mail marketing.

Improve your communication skills with HubSpot.

Marketing Automation

The automation system, which we have come across in many areas, has an important place in the marketing world and enables more practical and fast process management. Marketing automation, one of the most important tools of HubSpot, is one of the most used systems in the industry. Automation, which enables a lot of work to be done in a short time, combined with HubSpot’s expert perspective, can make a difference in your sales graph in a very short time. It makes a significant difference even in the first few months of using it. HubSpot Marketing Automation has a structure that helps with many issues such as form submissions and content views. You can also manage the sales process in a more efficient process thanks to the comprehensive system you can design workflows.

If you get tired when your steps speed up, stop by HubSpot to rest.

Social Media

For companies that use many social media platforms and accounts, social media content can waste a significant amount of time. HubSpot offers tools to quickly increase your effectiveness on social media platforms without much effort. You can plan the sharing to be made on many platforms at the same time, get support from HubSpot on the contents and watch your interactions without overlooking. You will feel the difference of HubSpot in a short time on social media platforms where speed is important.

If you think you are not interactive enough, ask HubSpot for help.


One of the most important features of digital marketing is that it is measurable and reportable. Especially for the marketing unit, return on investment (ROI) calculations are critical. With HubSpot, you can monitor, analyze and report all your marketing activities. You can learn all the inputs about the impact of your marketing activities on your profits from a single database.

Without solving the pool problem, you can find out which tap flows faster with HubSpot.


CRM, which is Customer Relationship Management, is a marketing tool that covers all your interactions with your potential or existing customers and manages customer information and preferences. With HubSpot’s built-in CRM system, you can save the information of all existing and future people and companies. By storing it in a common area, you can ensure that all your units have access to this information. How interested are your customers in the emails you send? Which page does he spend the most time on your website? On which link or on which platform did it find you? HubSpot CRM, where you can get answers to many questions like this, is a guide for your future investments or activities.

You can presume why they came to you, but HubSpot will tell you where they came from.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a very important marketing tool in terms of the visibility of the content you produce. Good SEO practice ensures that your content ranks high in search engine results. It consists of technical and strategic plans that make you accessible to those who really want to reach you.

HubSpot’s advanced and practical SEO tools show you the right way in planning your strategic plan. It allows you to make a fast and easy SEO application without any support. After entering the appropriate keywords for your target audience or topic into HubSpot, your content starts to be scanned according to SEO rules. And as a result of the analysis, HubSpot will tell you what to do.

A good marketing strategy would be a great marketing strategy with HubSpot.

HubSpot Content Marketing

With Content Marketing support, which is one of the strongest aspects of HubSpot, you can learn what kind of content will attract the attention of your potential customers, and when you should publish this content on which platforms.

We constantly create content on many different platforms such as web pages, blogs, social media posts, e-mail texts. It is important why visitors visit your website, which pages they browse, or how much time they spend with which content.

What determines the quality of your content is its awareness and availability. HubSpot’s content creation templates and keyword browser measure the performance of the content you publish. It also has a structure that analyzes and gives you information about all the deficiencies you need.

From the content you describe your products or services to your blog posts, all content gains a stronger and more effective structure with HubSpot recommendations. The compatibility of the terms you use with your industry and the words about the topics your target audience is interested in are important for the content to attract the attention of potential customers.

HubSpot content strategy tool aims to find advanced search terms and create content with them and increase your awareness based on SEO criteria. When the content you publish is crawled by search engines, incompatible or irrelevant content can be eliminated and ignored. Your hundreds of pages of content may not help you rise in the search rankings at all, or even lower your ranking because it is not found reliable.

HubSpot offers a guiding tool to avoid these and create quality content. By analyzing the links you add to your content, the titles you use, and the visual promoters, you can find tips on how to make the most accurate application in HubSpot.

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot is the best-known blog content server. Therefore, HubSpot is the first platform to be consulted on issues such as how to write a blog and what to pay attention to. Generally, when blogging, it is given to the topic first and this has some very important criteria.

HubSpot’s SEO tool guides you through advanced analysis options to optimize your blogs and landing pages. As a result of the analysis, it has a strong system that shows what is right and what is wrong, and how you need to make an arrangement.

Blog content is one of the steps to be taken to increase the awareness of your brand. However, it is not an easy process to produce quality and remarkable content. When your content is only about your brand and products, it is boring and difficult to follow for your target audience. However, smartly chosen topics and SEO elements combined with a quality narration make the content visible and increase the loyalty of your visitors.

The most important point for your content to be SEO compatible, except for keywords, are the titles you use. Headings used in the content should be compatible with the whole text and be understandable. In this way, the quality content you produce is not pushed aside and left to disappear.

While creating content in HubSpot, you will automatically receive the necessary optimization alerts and be informed about how to edit your content. HubSpot’s content marketing and blogging tools save hundreds of pages of articles that are uninteresting with advanced SEO technology. It makes it easier for you to reach your marketing goals by enabling you to have platforms full of quality content.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot, which can be integrated with much different software, allows you to manage your website, landing pages and social media channels with a single platform.

You can follow the whole purchasing journey thanks to its integrated structure. HubSpot allows you to easily integrate with your existing website or create a new website via HubSpot.

Hubspot Integration Tools

It is very important to avoid the confusion that may occur while managing your channels using many different systems, both in terms of your marketing-sales-service cycle and in terms of optimizing your customers’ experience.

HubSpot also offers an integrated structure in terms of social media channels. You can manage all your channels effortlessly from one place, and publish your posts from a single panel without page-to-page navigation.

Also, by having a powerful e-mail integration with HubSpot, you can automatically update existing and future contacts, your customers’ company information, or shared data, share the required volume and reduce the workload by creating a fast working system.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy, which includes the training services offered by HubSpot, is a comprehensive training plan that offers many online courses, seminars, certificate programs and software training options.

Considered the world leader in online training, HubSpot aims to produce marketers who are competent in inbound marketing, with a comprehensive training program that makes it easier for you to follow the variables in the marketing sector and provides tips that feed your marketing activities.

Hubspot Academy Courses

With HubSpot Academy, where free course options are also available, detailed training teaches you everything you want to learn about marketing, sales and service. HubSpot, one of the most popular resources for inbound marketing, shares with you the basic information you need to know, as well as detailed tips on changing marketing strategies.

Basically, you can keep up-to-date by renewing HubSpot Academy certificate courses 1-2 times a year, where you will improve your marketing skills.

Apart from the marketing training, the academy, which is a guide for using HubSpot, also includes the tips you need while using HubSpot and courses that explain how to use HubSpot most efficiently.

With HubSpot certificates, you can direct your career and strengthen your equipment with qualified information that will have a great impact on your plans. HubSpot Academy is the best resource to learn about growth-oriented marketing and sales strategies that you didn’t even know existed.

HubSpot Deals

The prices of the comprehensive services offered by HubSpot vary according to the service you need. There are packages that you can pay $50 per user per month, as well as packages that cost more than $180 per user.

Marketing Hub: Including Marketing and Lead management tools, the package includes tools to convert leads or manage existing customers, with price options starting at $50.

Sales Hub: The package, which offers panels and automation systems where customer interactions can be managed, has price options starting from $50.

Service Hub: The package, which includes all services for the customer database, has price options starting from $50.

Growth Suite: As a bundle package with all Hubs, there are price options starting at $113 with a 25% discount applied to the total price.

HubSpot CMS platform, which has unlimited user content with a fixed plan of $300 per month, and the HubSpot Marketing plan, which charges per 1000 people in the database, are also among HubSpot’s package options.

 Marketing HubSales HubService HubGrowth Suite
Starter Pricing$230$500$500$923
Starter  Features• Ad management
• Chat bots
• Email marketing
• Email tracking
• Meeting scheduling
• Deal pipelines
• Ticketing
• Productivity reports
• Live chat
• Other Starter services 
Professional $12,600$9,850$9,850$18,400
Professional  Features• Marketing automation
• Website traffic analytics
• A/B testing
• Automated processes
• Quote templates
• Product tracking
• Task automation
• Multiple ticket pipelines
• Video hosting & management
• Other Professional services 
Enterprise  Features• Single Sign-On (SSO)
• Custom funnels
• Filtered analytics views
• Team goal tracking
• Call transcription
• User roles
• Team goal tracking
• Slack integration
• Webhooks
• Other Enterprise services
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