5 Suggestions For An Impressive Logo Design

5 Suggestions For An Impressive Logo Design

Your logo design ensures your target audience to notice and remember who you are and what kind of a relationship they have with you. Your logo is one of the most important parts of your corporate identity (what is corporate identity?), therefore it can be quite hard to find the right design for your company. Your logo design must be both eye-catching and simple enough to be easily understood. Additionally, it must also be a unique logo design that separates you from your opponents.

Of course, it’s important to know which ones are suitable for your company and sector among many different colors, forms, and fonts. You can view clues that will help you on not just designing a logo, but a catchy and impressive one:

Your Logo Should Carry The Message You Want To Give

What does your brand represent? Are you formal or do you have a more friendly approach? Is your brand manly or feminine? You may have a specific target audience or maybe you address a specific niche. Whatever your brand represents, it’s crucial to be certain that your logo represents and conveys this message in the right way.

* A small clue: Watch your opponents. This will not just make you understand that you are advancing, but will also help you understand how you can stop.

Your Logo Design Should Be Simple

If you like to be more clear on your message, you need to know that your logo design should be simple and plain. But what do “simple and plain” exactly mean? The logo design of your company shouldn’t be an item that you’ll realize your fancy design visions; successful logo designs never have complex graphics. Remember, you only need to be noticed and remembered.

Your logo must fit your purpose. It doesn’t have to show every service your company provides. It helps to create a simpler logo if the design is focused on the main service of the company.

Mochatouch Logo Design Examples

The Colors You Choose Must Be Suitable For Your Sector

Colors not only trigger people’s subconscious reactions, but they’re also perceived differently by every individual. Therefore, it’s very important to know how you would like to be perceived as a brand. Knowing this will help you appeal to the choices of your target audience. For example, while the colors green and blue evoke a tranquility sensation, warmer colors such as red or orange have a bold and confident aura.

* Another small clue: Be careful on the number of colors you use. A logo design shouldn’t have more than two or three colors.

Choose The Typography That Represents Your Brand

Same as colors, different typographies evoke different feelings and energies. You must choose the font of your design according to your brand’s stance.

For instance, a font from sans-serif typeface with round forms will bring a fun and friendly feeling. This typeface is probably not proper for a medicinal procedure or a law office. The right font will give an idea about the message of your brand, so make sure you choose wisely.

Your Logo Should Be Suitable For Different Areas of Usage

When you’re designing your logo, keep in mind that it won’t stay just on your screen forever. Does it still look good on a leaflet, upper part of a web page or a signboard? Scalability and applicability on different backgrounds are important things to consider. Complex designs are not suitable for different backgrounds and areas.

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