LinkedIn Ads Success Story


With the right LinkedIn ad setup, we increased 80% of professional e-mail addresses in incoming forms.

NTT DATA Comment
"Mochatouch is an expert team with whom we can communicate properly, understand our needs and produce solutions accordingly."
Digital Marketing Department @NTT DATA
Conversion cost (CPL) decreased by 72%.
Cost per click (CPC) decreased by 51%.
Click-through rate (CTR) improved by 46%.
Cost of Reach/Display (CPM) decreased by 26%.
Lead form completion rate increased by nearly 300%.
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The brief provided by NTT DATA clearly outlined the need, and the campaign content was well-structured in line with the target.

The post type was determined by the brand as a carousel post where we could share deeper and more meaningful content.

You know how difficult it is to get the right brief in the agency field.


Company: NTT DATA
Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Platform: LinkedIn
Advertising Target: Conversion
Ad Type: LinkedIn Lead Gen Form


The campaign goal was set as Lead Generation, i.e. collecting applications.
Afterwards, it had to be decided whether the conversion would take place through the form on the website or through LinkedIn.

Considering our experience with similar campaigns on various accounts, we decided to use the platform's own form structure - LinkedIn Lead Gen Form - for better performance.



The vast majority of LinkedIn users register on LinkedIn with a personal email address, not a work email address. However, LinkedIn forms have a default "work email" field, but this field is usually empty because it is a field that users almost never use.

LinkedIn Lead Gen forms automatically register the personal e-mail address in this blank field and therefore generic e-mails such as gmail, hotmail, etc. are processed into our database.

Personal email addresses can be problematic when it comes to accessing incoming lead forms because it requires an extra touch, an extra operational process to access the business email address, which means extra time and budget costs.

Successful Business Development


We overcame the personal email issue by adding a mandatory custom question field in the Lead Gen forms. 80% of incoming applications shared their active work e-mail addresses.

The right content going to the right target audience brings success on the right platform. That's exactly what we experienced in this campaign. The viral (organic) reach of the ad as a result of the integrity of the ad content (message and visuals) overlapping with the target audience was one of the important factors that reduced costs.

While CPM cost was 12% lower compared to industry data, CPC decreased by 65% and we achieved the best rates of our account.

The cost per lead is 69% lower than the overall account and 123% lower than a similar industry reference.

Knowing the platform dynamics and changing the setup accordingly constituted half of our success, while knowing the customer and sharing the right brief with the appropriate visual and language constituted the other half.

Our brand collaboration with NTT DATA continues to grow and develop.